Quick Maintenance Tips For Your Dishwasher in Markham, Ontario

If you think that dishwashers are made to clean your dishes and utensils, then you are right but not maintaining them properly can actually leave you with the task of cleaning all the mess yourself. So, it is important that once you get a dishwasher at home, you also pay attention to its regular maintenance so that it performs its job perfectly leaving you with no extra burden. The best thing about this particular appliance is that when well maintained and cleaned it can run smoothly for years without any complaint. Here is a complete list of maintenance tips for your dishwasher.

Vinegar Cleaning Method: The best method when it comes to clean any appliance is the vinegar cleaning method. Just pour about 2 cups of white vinegar at the bottom of your dishwasher and allow it to set for a while and then start a cycle and in the middle of the cycle stop it for about half an hour to let the vinegar do its magic in cleaning and shinning your dishwasher from within. You will be thrilled to know that the same vinegar can be used to clean the outer stainless steel body of the dishwasher as well using a soft cloth.

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Bleach Cleaning Method: Another easy way to clean and maintenance tips for your dishwasher at home is by filling the detergent holder of the dishwasher with bleach and then run a complete cycle without any dishes in it. Make sure that you don’t use bleach with any other cleaning agent like vinegar because it can damage the dishwasher instead of cleaning it.

Soak the Filter: You can learn maintenance tips for your dishwasher by paying attention to the important component like filter. If you notice almost all dishwashers incorporate a removable filter right at the bottom. Just remove it and try to soak it in a soapy solution for a while and simply rinse it off and place it back to make it work efficiently.

Check for Debris: It is most important to thoroughly check the holes in the spinning arms of your dishwasher to catch hold of any debris or stuck utensil. In case, you find some sort of debris in the holes, then using a toothpick or a needle just prick it and clear the way; however don’t do too harshly that your dishwasher gets scratched.

Wipe Around the Door Seal: Lastly, when you trying hard to provide ample care and maintenance to your dishwasher, make sure to clean it especially around the door seal. Here, you can use vinegar and water mix to rub using a soft toothbrush to clean any dirt and dust accumulated in between the door seal. Usually, while cleaning the whole dishwasher this seal is left ignored and it becomes the most common reason for damage or malfunctioning of this appliance, so cleaning it properly on a regular basis is a must.